Bock, Jerome (Hieronymus Tragus) 1498-1554

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Bock became a school teacher following graduation from the University and then a Lutheran minister. He also practiced medicine. During his spare time Bock maintained gardens and plant collections. Bock possibly wrote his herbal, New Kreuterbuch, published in 1539, largely at the instigation of Brunfels. At first the book described the plants which he found in the woods and field but did not illustrate them. However, the edition of 1546 and later editions were well illustrated. In some editions 537 pictures were included.

His method of classification was to associate "such plants as nature seems to have linked together by similarity of form." His taxonomy was based on vegetative parts only. He described morphology of flowers and fruits but paid no reference to them in classifying plants.

Bock's artists worked from the plant itself although they followed to some extent the work of Brunfels and Fuchs. The descriptions were superior to those given by Brunfels. The artists of the early part of the 16th Century realized the responsibilities of the scientific illustrator. The drawings must be accurate as well as attractive. Many of the flowers illustrated by these artists for the 16th Century herbalists produced surprisingly attractive plates.

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