Brookshaw, George 1751-1823

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George Brookshaw was a teacher of flower painting who had a very remarkable talent of displaying specimen fruits in a beautiful and attractive way. The color prints are unexcelled in the world. Complete volumes of Pomona Britannica sell when available for $3,000. Individual prints range in price from $50 to more than $100 each when such can be found. His books were:

Pomona Britannica: or a collection of the most established fruits at present cultivated in Gt. Britain: selected from the Royal Gardens at Hampton Court and from the most celebrated gardens around London accurately drawn and colored from nature. (1808-1812) 2 volumes
The Horticultural Repository, containing delineations of the best varieties of the different species of English fruits to which are added the blossoms and leaves. (1821) Part I
A Treatise on Flower Painting. (1819)