Fuller, Andrew S. 1828-1896

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Fuller became a carpenter at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he became particularly skillful in construction of greenhouses. He built himself one and accumulated a varied collection of plants which started his career as a horticulturist. Shortly, thereafter, he became connected with the Prince Nursery on Long Island but in 1857 he removed to Brooklyn, where he engaged in grape and small fruit culture which was then in its infancy. He became a strawberry breeder and selected many seedlings from the thousands which he raised. He then wrote his book Strawberry Culture (1900). This was followed by Grape Culturist (1864), Small Fruit Culturist (1887), Practical Forestry (1884), Propagation of Plants (1891), and Nut Culturist (1896). He had moved to Ridgewood, New Jersey where he developed an extraordinary garden with every species and variety of ornamental trees and shrubs included. His collection of small fruit was the most complete in the country.

The book Small Fruit Culturist was more instrumental in the development of the industry than any book before or after in the entire world. He contributed to the Rural New Yorker, New York Sun, American Gardening and other publications. His horticultural library was one of the best in the United States.