Johnson, George W. 1802-1866

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Johnson was a writer on gardening and conducted experiments in gardening and with manures. He was the author of:

A History of English Gardening: Chronological, Biographical, Literary and Critical (1829)
The Gardener's Almanac (1843)
The Principles of Practical Gardening (1845)
A Dictionary of Modern Gardening (1846)
The Cottage Gardener's Dictionary (1852) These went through many editions.
The Garden Manual (1859)
Science and Practice of Gardening (1862)

He has been called one of the "soundest and best writers on gardening that the 19th Century produced." The material in this outline of 16th Century gardeners and famous individuals concerned with horticulture has been exceedingly valuable to me. A History of English Gardening (1829) contains a vast amount of information and no one who wishes to become acquainted with horticulture during this period involving 300 years can do without this book.