Landreth, David the younger 19th Century

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David Landreth the younger, was born in 1802 and took over from his father this thriving seed and nursery business which continued for 50 years. He also took an active part in horticultural matters and became one of the founders and officers of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. He eventually became president of the Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of Agriculture and was vice president of the United States Agricultural Society.

He started publication of the Floral Magazine and Botanical Repository in 1832. This magazine contained colored plates of ornamental plants and the entire work except the illustration was carried out by the two Landreths. It apparently was not financially successful and was discontinued after a few years. He was a good writer and contributed his views to the development of American horticulture.

He edited an American edition of George W. Johnson's A Dictionary of Modern Gardening which was published in Philadelphia in 1847.

In 1847 the firm moved to Bloomsdale, Bristol, Pennsylvania. There Landreth established what has been stated to be at that time the most complete seed-farm in America. He planted an arboretum where for years was unequaled in the planting and care of trees. Undoubtedly the Landreth name justifies itself as that of one of the outstanding nurseries ever developed in this country.