Leeuwenhoek, Antonj Van 1632-1723

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Dutch microscopist, called "Father of Scientific Microscopy." Cloth merchant and wine taster by trade. His works were published under title Secrets of Nature (1668). He extended Malpighi's demonstration of blood capillaries and six years later gave the first accurate description of red blood corpuscles. He discovered also the effect of aphids on plant life and showed that they reproduced parthenogentically. He described different stem structures in monocots and dicots. He understood the nature of red blood corpuscles and studied human male spermatazoa.

He was responsible for the first representation of bacteria by a drawing in 1683. It is said that he made over 400 microscopes and he bequeathed 26 to the Royal Society of London.

Biographical information - Antonj Van Leeuwenhoek

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