Munson, Thomas Volney 1843-1913

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Munson was a nurseryman, grape grower and author. He resided at Denison, Texas, where all of his scientific and literary work was done. He established a very famous vineyard and a well-known and reliable nursery business. He became the acknowledged authority on the native wild grapes of North America and Classification and Genera Synopsis of the Wild Grapes of North America (1890) Bulletin No. 3, Division of Pomology, U.S.D.A. was one of the most painstaking botanical publications in this country. This was followed by Foundation of American Grape Culture (1909).

The most complete botanical display of the grape genus (Vitis) ever made was prepared by him for the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893.

His book on grape culture is regarded as the most practical, complete and satisfactory account of the American grape ever issued. His scientific work in hybridizing and perfecting the American grape won him a diploma from the French Government. He was connected with many scientific, agricultural, and horticultural societies.