Nicol, Walter 19th Century

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Walter Nicol was the son of the gardener who planned and carried out the landscaping of two estates in Scotland. His work was reported to be excellent. Like many Scotch gardeners he migrated to England where he became head gardener of an estate in Seyfolk. He then decided to return to Scotland and Finally took residence in Edinburgh about 1797 where he became known as "Horticultural Designer and Author."

His works were very good, equaling those of Abercombie. He was author of the following:

The Scotch Forcing Gardener; together with instructions on the management of the greenhouse, hot-walls, etc. (1796)
The Practical Planter; or a Treatise on Forest Planting: Comprehending the culture and management of planted and natural timber; also the management of hedges, fences and the construction of stone walls, etc. (1799)
The Villa Garden Directory, or Monthly Index of Work to be Done in the Town and Villa Gardens, Shrubberies, Parterres, etc. (1899)
The Gardener's Kalendar: or Monthly Directory of Operations in Every Branch of Horticulture (1810)
The Planter's Kalendar: or the Nurseryman and Forester's Guide in the Operation of the Nursery, the Forest and the Grove (1812)

In 1810 he undertook an extensive trip to the principal gardens and estates in England in order to obtain more information for the "Planters Kalendar" but he died suddenly in 1811 and the book was completed and published by a Mr. Sang.