Salisbury, Sir Edward James 1886-1978

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Sir Edward James Salisbury was Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew (1943-1956). He also served as Qwain Professor of Botany, University College, London. He was knighted in 1946.

He was given many honors including several honorary degrees. He was primarily an ecologist having been president of the British Ecological Society.

He authored the folowing books:

The Living Garden (1936)
The Reproductive Capacity of Plants (1942)
Downs and Dunes (1952)
Weeds and Aliens (1961)
The Biology of Garden Weeds (1962)
Flowers of the Woods (1946)

He also has authored numerous articles in journals during the period from 1909-1961. He lived in retirement at Bogner Regis, Sussex, England.