Wallace, Thomas 1891-1967

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Thomas Wallace was one of the outstanding professional English horticulturists of the 20th Century. At the time of his death he was Emeritus Professor of Horticultural Chemistry, University of Bristol, England.

He obtained his B.Sc. degree from the University of Durham in 1913 and his D.Sc. in 1931. After serving in World War I from 1914 to 1918, he became Research Chemist at the Long Ashton Research Station, Bristol, England. From 1924 to 1943 he was Deputy Director of the Long Ashton Station. He served as Director of the Station from 1943 to 1957.

He was author or joint author of bulletins on fruit culture published by the Ministry of Agriculture as well as approximately 100 scientific papers on fruit culture, plant nutrition, and soils. He was joint author of the Journal of Horticultural Science from 1943-1958.

He was author of the following books:

Diagrams of Mineral Difference in Plants - Color, Atlas and Guide, 1st Edition 1943. 2n edition 1951 and 1961.
Science and Fruit (with R. W. Marsh) 1953.
Insecticides and Colonial Agricultural Development (with J.T. Martin) 1954.
Modern Commercial Fruit Growing (with G.W. Bush) 1956.

Dr. Wallace was particularly well known because of his adaptations of gravel and hydroponic culture to studying the nutrient element deficiencies in plants.

During his active life he was known as the most outstanding specialist in fruit nutrition in Great Britain.